Deep Tissue Massge Therapy

Give You A Stress Relieving Relaxation

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

One of the greatest massage techniques for your muscles includes deep tissue, which focuses on those annoying knots and adhesion rates by applying firm pressure and steady strokes. Along with the facilities of several beauty appointments and massages Maris Beauty offers the convenience of Deep Tissue Massage South Melbourne. In comparison to other types of massage, deep tissue treatment has a number of crucial advantages. These will enhance your general wellness and health.

Deep tissue therapy can be a useful method of pain relief if you experience ongoing discomfort. Maris Beauty offers the service with experienced therapists. They are pretty able to provide you with a desired outcome. By relieving tension in the muscles supporting your spine, Deep Tissue Massages in South Melbourne also aid in realigning your body and improving posture. By encouraging relaxation and lowering cortisol levels in your body, this therapy helps to lessen agitation and stress.

Deep Tissue Massage South Melbourne

Deep Tissue Massage Therapist & Price

Maris Beauty offers a 90 minute session of deep tissue massage at just $125. Similarly, if you want a 45-minute service you can surely have, the cost will be only $75 for the single session. They charge extra $5 for massaging with Hot oil. The facility of Herbal Compress Ball is also available at extra$15. They provide non-sexual service and no refund policy. The salon also provides their service on holidays at 10% surcharge.

Sort your need out according to your health-type and book an appointment with them immediately.

Deep Tissue Massages in South Melbourne

Relaxation/Deep Tissue/Combination & Foot Massage

Hot Oil Extra $5
Herbal Compress Ball $15 Extra
****10% Surcharge for Public Holidays****
Non-Sexual Service and No Refund


  • 30mins $60
  • 45mins $75
  • 60mins $85
  • 75mins $105
  • 90mins $125
  • 125mins $160
Deep Tissue Massages in South Melbourne