Relaxation Massage

Eliminate Your Muscle Tension & Stress

Relaxation Massage Therapy

A style of massage meant to be relaxing and stress-relieving is known as a relaxation massage, also known as therapeutic massage or Swedish massage. It typically involves a full-body massage in a serene setting with relaxing music and dim lighting. You will receive a protracted, luxurious massage while lying on a cozy massage table. Maris Beauty is furnished with such an ambience, which provides you the facility of a Relaxation Massage in South Melbourne.

The advantages of a relaxation massage are often felt for several days following. Try to unwind after your therapeutic massage instead of diving back into your hectic routine to get the most calming effects.

Relaxation Massage in South Melbourne

Relaxation Massage Therapist

You’ll be served this relaxation service with an expert Relaxation Massage Therapist South Melbourne at Maris Beauty. They apply some unique techniques Massage which are highly effective to impact your overall health. You’ll be feeling unwind by straining all your tensions through a relaxation therapy. Additionally your sleep system will be better as well as all kind of aches and ailment will get lowered as results.

Maris Beauty set $105 for a single therapy with the duration of 75 mins. You can get highest 120 mins service for spending at least $160. They provide non-sexual service, this feature can make you comfortable. They follow the no refund policy, so decide according to your preference. Book your appointment mindfully and as per your needs.

Relaxation Massage Therapist South Melbourne

Relaxation/Deep Tissue/Combination & Foot Massage

Hot Oil Extra $5
Herbal Compress Ball $15 Extra
****10% Surcharge for Public Holidays****
Non-Sexual Service and No Refund


  • 30mins $60
  • 45mins $75
  • 60mins $85
  • 75mins $105
  • 90mins $125
  • 120mins $160
  • Remove Only $15
Relaxation Massage Therapist South Melbourne